Warranty Policy

This warranty applies to the original purchases and in cases of refrigerators only at the original place of delivery against restriction and breaking into systems.

The following damages caused by misuse voids all warranty:

  1. Service by any technician other than those of the company
  2. Connection to faulty power supply, high and or low voltage or extension cords
  3. Improper installations and physical damage or interference with unit
  4. Use of abrasive cleaners
  5. Lack of proper protection from elements


Warranty Coverage does not apply to the following

  • Replacement of light bulbs, air filters, remotes, water filters and other consumables on electronics and appliances
  • Discolouration, rust or oxidation of surface, complaints within 3 months of purchase will be inspected by a technician and treated accordingly
  • Damage resulting from accidents, alteration, misuse, abuse, fire, flood, acts of god, improper installation, not in accordance with electrical or plumbing code, or use of products not approved by manufacturer
  • Any good or medicine loss due to the refrigerator or freezer product failures

(The cost of service repairs shall be borne by the customer if the warranty conditions are voided)

Refrigerators/Freezers6 Months – 1 Year on Body, Parts & Labour. 1-2 Years on CompressorDomestic Use Only
Freezers6 Months – 1 Year on  Parts & Labour. 1-2 Years on CompressorDomestic Use Only
Water & Beverage Coolers3 – 6 Months on Body Parts & Labour
Washer & Dryers6 Months – 1 Year on  Body Parts & Labour
Gas & Electrical Cooker6 Months – 1 Year on Parts & Labour
Televisions1 Year
Small Appliances3 – 6 Months
DVD Players3 Months
Stereo Systems3 – 6 Months
Microwaves3 – 6 Months

Warranty period for commercial use may vary, see store manager for further details