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LG 24 cu.ft. InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator /Glass


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InstaView Door-in-Door ™
LG InstaView Door-in-Door ™ refrigerators feature a mirror glass panel that illuminates with just two small knocks, allowing you to see the inside of your refrigerator without opening the door. Thus reducing the loss of cold air, keeping food fresh for much longer.
Easy access to your favorite foods
With its innovative design and technology, finding and accessing your favorites is easier.
Less loss of cold air by up to 41%

Because LG InstaView Door-in-Door ™ allows you to see inside without opening the door, you can reduce the loss of cold air.

* Based on Intertek tests of SX5534WB, GR-S632GLRC and LFX3194ST / 02, LG test method, measures percentage reduction in air change rate when opening Door-in-Door ™ compared to refrigerator door for 10 “. They vary by models and door opening time.

New Generation Door-in-Door®
The evolution of Door-in-Door ®
continues with InstaView Door-in-Door ®. With InstaView Door-in-Door ®. Now simply knock twice on the glass to illuminate the interior content without loss of cold air.
SpacePlus ™ Ice System
The thin door-mounted ice maker provides more storage space in the freezer part.
Full Wine Rack
Easy-to-use wine store stores 4 bottles of wine
Hygiene FRESH + TM
99.999% more COOL AIR
Eliminates bacteria and bad odors. A single double photocatalyst mechanism and a UV LED come together to deodorise and eliminate bacteria, by breaking down bad odors and germs in a three-step process. In addition, double carbon deodorisers neutralize acidic and alkaline odors for ripe vegetables or fish.
* Tested by Intertek, ISO27447 Test Protocol.
Smart ThinQ®
Easily adjust the refrigerator temperature, control Hygiene FRESH + ® and diagnose your refrigerator with the push of a button on your smartphone.
Energy saving with Inverter Linear Compressor
The LG Inverter linear compressor provides up to 32% energy savings, durability and optimal temperature control to keep food fresher for longer.
* Compared to the tefrigerator with LG conventional reciprocating compressor.
Based on VDE testing comparing energy consumption between LGE model GBB530NSCXE and GBB530NSQWB. The test of energy consumption is based on ISO 15502 standard.


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