Easy Credit

Financing made easy

Our Easy Credit makes it affordable to get the financing you need for the items you want.

  • No Downpayment
  • Quick Approval
  • Flexible  Payment Terms
  • 4 Months for Cash
  • Pay nothing for 30 days
  • Up to $5,000.00 cash back savings

How long can I pay?

Get payment terms anywhere from  to 24 months. Instalments can be paid weekly or monthly.

Where can I pay?

Choose between any of our 11 branches, located nationwide or at any VIA outlets located at over 1200 NLCB lottery locations.

What are the requirements?

Our Easy Credit requires the basic documents anyone would ever need for any financial transaction. It’s never been this easy.

Two forms of valid picture ID

Recent job letter (Business Owners - Proof of Registration)

Current paid Utility Bill

Proof of Income (Payslip)

Business owners - Bank Statement & Receipt Books

Three Referrals